A Million Little Lights

So stoked! Bought this dress just yesterday and now it’s sold out! #modcloth #fashion #dresses #happiness

The Costume Designer in my just died! :D These are gorgeous! #oksomaybeiamatheatreperson

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Organizing my patterns into a nice, easy to carry around notebook so I can take it with me to the fabric store :) #enabler #shopping #makingprettyclothes
This is a One Direction Sweater. I. WANT. THIS. 
Summer cleaning. Questioning some of my fashion choices .

Seeing lots of sequins. Way too many sequins. There’s no such thing as too many sequins is there? Nah ;) #fashion #shopping #makeover

Got an offer for this from Groupon…


Weight Loss “Hot Pants” (Sassy!) 

Consider me intrigued :)  

Umm…Pippa? Is that you? Or is it Wednesday Aadams? 
I absolutely ADORE this woman. Her fashion sense has seen its days but she is improving…notice no more mismatched prints as of late lol
One of the great things about NOT working retail anymore is that the only dress code is to be comfy, fashionable and no mandatory black!